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72 Google Chrome Plugins [SEO, Marketing, Productivity and Design]

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Google Chrome plugins can be a huge time saver or a waste of time. After experiencing the both the best and worst of Chrome plugins – /r/BigSEO has curated a master list of seventy two unique plugins to help you make your workday more productive and easier than ever before! Name Category TL;DR Chrome store Word Counter Plus Analysis Highlight text and right click to show word count ColorZilla Design Get the colour code of anything on your screen BuiltWith Technology Profiler Development/Technical SEO Like wappalyzer, but much better. Clear Cache Development/Technical SEO Easily clear cache from… Read More »72 Google Chrome Plugins [SEO, Marketing, Productivity and Design]

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250+ PR Tools [Free & Paid Public Relations Tools]

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Here’s pretty much any tool you could need for PR in 2019. This is the complete full stack of ALL PR Tools that have been introduced to a leading NYC PR Firm from 2014-2019. All of these tools have been tested in the past month and are most definitely recommended. Be on the lookout for more in depth guides to cover each of these tools in relation to their use in Public Relations. Tool URL Price Description Mr. Social $20 Mr. Social is a social media assistant that helps you find, schedule and re-use interesting content and post it… Read More »250+ PR Tools [Free & Paid Public Relations Tools]

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SEO Project Questionnaire [20 Questions for Client]

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What do you hope to achieve with SEO? What are your main goals and KPIs? Who is your target audience? (Age, gender, education level, etc.) Which countries/region/etc. are you targeting? Do you have any other offices? Who was your previous SEO agency/consultant? What is your level of understanding when it comes to SEO? Who are your main competitors? Do you have an in-house developer? What level of support will we have from the in-house developer? What CMS are you currently using? What is your budget for SEO? Will I be given access to the following items? What is your Unique… Read More »SEO Project Questionnaire [20 Questions for Client]

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Top 7 Email Extractors [Free and Paid]

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Beyond using Scrapebox – below are seven email extractor options, both Free and Paid for 2019. Please message me if you have any questions, or would like to see any other tool reviewed. *Note: I do not condone the use of Email Extractors, all of these were trialed for research purposes only. They were not used for any commercial use. Please use these tools at your own discretion. Name Site Pricing Plugin or Program Email Extractor Freemium Chrome Plugin Email Extractor Pro $45-$100 [1 time liscense] Program Atom Park Email Extractor $90 [1 time liscense] Program Email… Read More »Top 7 Email Extractors [Free and Paid]