250+ PR Tools [Free & Paid Public Relations Tools]

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PR Tools

Here’s pretty much any tool you could need for PR in 2019. This is the complete full stack of ALL PR Tools that have been introduced to a leading NYC PR Firm from 2014-2019. All of these tools have been tested in the past month and are most definitely recommended. Be on the lookout for more in depth guides to cover each of these tools in relation to their use in Public Relations.

Mr. Social http://www.mrsocial.me$20Mr. Social is a social media assistant that helps you find, schedule and re-use interesting content and post it to your social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin
Mentionhttp://mention.com$29Start listening to what’s being said on the web and social web. React quickly, collaborate, and analyze your online presence.
Green Inboxhttp://www.greeninbox.com/s$30Crowdfunding: Increase your funds on Kickstarter, Indiegogo (& others) in 2 minutes work.
JustReachOuthttps://justreachout.io$45Find journalists. Perfect your pitch. Reach out and get press. JustReachOut lets you search recent news to find most relevant journalists to contact. We help you write your pitch and give you contact info of the reporter you want to reach out to.
ChannelReplyhttp://www.channelreply.com$79ChannelReply was created in response to an overwhelming demand for a functional and streamlined customer service product to manage the multi-platform digital Marketplace.
AutoCrithttp://www.autocrit.com$Cloud based analysis software for writers. Identifies poor word choice, sentence construction and repetition. Useful to help tighten up and polish copy.
Clickyhttp://clicky.com$Real-time web analytics. Includes heat maps and individual actions.
Contactablehttp://contactable.io$A Media database and Media relations manager.
Crowdvi.behttp://crowdvi.be/$Instant polling among your specific target group
GetResponsehttp://www.getresponse.co.uk$Email marketing software and auto responder
GlobalWebIndexhttps://www.globalwebindex.net/$Data-based insight reports and trends analysis
Iris PR Softwarehttp://www.irispr.com/$ – No contractsIris is a comprehensive PR software that has been thoughtfully developed by PR pros to help PR teams large and small consolidate, manage, share and track their most important data. Iris PR Software focus areas include PR Metrics, Relationships, Deadlines and Campaigns.
Meddlehttp://www.meddle.it$White-label platform for owned media. PR can give advice to clients on white-label Meddle to use owned media to attract earned media. Helps to reverse the reality that “no one reads corporate blogs” For more information, contact Ted Coine or Vidar Brekke on Twitter
MP+ Connecthttp://www.precise.co.uk/pr-communications/mpplus-connect.aspx$Target and track your media contacts through a live visual analysis of what they write and tweet. MP+ Connect lets you identify and engage with influential journalists and commentators in real-time, across all media channels.
NinjaOutreach www.ninjaoutreach.com$Influencer outreach software. Type in keywords, and it will produce lists of websites (blogs, businesses, etc) that fit the keyword. Includes Alexa, Moz, Klout, Social/SEO, and contact data (email, phone, first name, contact URL). Build lists of hundreds of influencers in minutes, and outreach to them with customized templates all in one tool.
Pitch Enginehttp://www.pitchengine.com/$Content creation + management software tool for publishing marketing messages to web
PitchEnginehttp://www.pitchengine.com/$Social Media meets PR. Welcome to the future.
PressPagehttp://www.presspage.com/$social media newsrooms and digital press rooms
Profnethttp://www.prnewswire.com/profnet/$Connects journalists to expert sources
Shre.iohttp://shre.io/$RSS feeds curated into Twitter or Facebook posts. Share what you like or dismiss it.
Slidesharehttp://www.slideshare.net/$ / Free“The YouTube for Powerpoint and PDFs”
ResponseSource Press Release Wirehttp://www.responsesource.com/pr/releasewire/$Press release distribution and newsrooms
Submarine CRMhttps://www.submarinecrm.com$Submarine keeps your marketing & PR contacts organised, searchable and automatically up-to-date.
Synthesiohttp://synthesio.com$Synthesio, named the leader in The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Listening Platforms, Q1 2014 report, is a Global Social Intelligence Platform. Used by some of the world’s top brands, and the agencies that support them, Synthesio is the framework for building Social Intelligence that provides real business results. Whether an organization’s social team is built within Marketing or crosses multiple departments, business units or geographies, Synthesio helps teams listen, analyze and engage with consumer conversations across social and mainstream media within one platform. Founded in 2006, Synthesio has offices in New York, Paris, London, and Singapore.
Synthesiohttp://synthesio.com$Synthesio, named the leader in The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Listening Platforms, Q1 2014 report, is a Global Social Intelligence Platform. Used by some of the world’s top brands, and the agencies that support them, Synthesio is the framework for building Social Intelligence that provides real business results. Whether an organization’s social team is built within Marketing or crosses multiple departments, business units or geographies, Synthesio helps teams listen, analyze and engage with consumer conversations across social and mainstream media within one platform. Founded in 2006, Synthesio has offices in New York, Paris, London, and Singapore.
TINThttps://www.tintup.com/$Display any social feeds anywhere, as used by 45,000+ brands in over 170 countries
Topsyhttp://topsy.com/$Apple-owned Twitter analytics platform. Tracks volume and velocity of keywords and hashtags.
Toucanhttps://www.toucan.io$Toucan helps tech startups get more press by monitoring journalists on Twitter.
Tweetdeckhttps://tweetdeck.twitter.com$Twitter-owned social media management tool now with new team function and integrated collection creation.
Weeblywww.weebly.com/$WYSIWYG online web dev and hosting package
Yellow Newshttp://www.precise.co.uk/pr-communications/yellow-news.aspx$YellowNews is a unique, new monitoring and analytics service that covers every news and social channel. Delivered through Media Platform+ and with a dedicated client services team, YellowNews is designed for clients with a fixed budget that want to track a broad range of topics or issues across all media.
Augurehttp://www.augure.com$ / $$Augure help brands and agencies to leverage the power of influencers to reach their audience. Modern PR and marketers use Augure to identify the influencers that matter for them, build succesful relationships and measure the resonance of their campaigns. More than 20.000 users.
Linkurioushttp://linkurio.us$ / $$Web based application for Graph analysis.
Lisstedhttp://lissted.com$ / $$Influencer and community identification, insight and tracking tool based on real world authority.
Prezlyhttp://www.prezly.com$ / $$Prezly is a tool for busy communication teams that want to do more. Brands like Audi, AXA Bank, Emirates Airlines, IKEA and Danone use Prezly to get more done and communicate smarter. Manage your contacts, publish your news, and send email campaigns all in one place.
PressKinghttp://www.pressking.com/$-$$distribution, analytics
MediaMiserhttp://www.mediamiser.com/$-$$$MediaMiser offers intelligent, turnkey media monitoring and media analysis solutions that let you easily monitor, analyze and share social and traditional media content. We help our clients turn news into knowledge.
Muck Rackhttp://muckrack.com$-$$$PR pros, marketers, companies and entrepreneurs use Muck Rack to:
– effectively pitch story ideas to the right journalists
– monitor what’s being said about their company, client or competitors in real-time
– receive alerts when there are new PR opportunities or crises
– track how successful their campaigns have been and generate reports to share with colleagues and clients
Pragmatist http://www.forfusion.com/pr$-$$$The first cloud-based platform for PRs to be supported by Microsoft. Allows users to record contact history (sell-in notes) and campaign progression in an intuitive way. Available with Microsoft Social Listening (monitors news, social networks, blogs and forums)
prcohttp://pr.co/$-$$$Cut your PR time in half. Create your pressroom, publish your news, and pitch your media contacts.
SeeDepth www.seedepth.com$-$$$SeeDepth is a customizable PR analytics platform for brands and agencies to easily analyze PR results and tie programs to business objectives and goals. Like Nike Fuel points for your PR, our proprietary Campaign Performance Index (CPI) provides instant insight on patterns of success, as well as which PR programs and vendors are returning bottom line value, so you can easily repeat what’s working and pivot from what isn’t, and turn PR into a profit center instead of a cost center. Clear, insightful data in one place that you can use to make faster, better–informed decisions. Don’t just measure PR outputs, analyze outcomes.
Cisionhttp://www.cision.com/uk/$/$$PR software, marketing and media relations software and services
Critical Mentionhttp://www.criticalmention.com$/$$Media monitoring service allows you to search global TV, radio and online news.
CrowdControl HQhttp://crowdcontrolhq.com$/$$Social media monitoring, engagement and insight software. Relativly small atm, but working with users to grow.
Harohttp://www.helpareporter.com$/$$Connects reporters and news sources. Over 250,000 mainstreet and expert sources respond directly to journalist’s queries
Moreover Technologieswww.moreover.com/$/$$Online monitoring and socialmedia listening
Brandwatchhttp://www.brandwatch.com/$$Enterprise level social media analytics and workflow platform. Extremely powerful and customisable.
Echobothttp://www.echobot.de$$German media monitoring tool for web, social and print media.
ResponseSource Media Contacts Databasehttp://www.responsesource.com/pr/mediadatabase/$$Media Contacts Database
GroupHighhttp://www.grouphigh.com/$$Database for identifying bloggers based on topics, content and location.
Isentiawww.isentia.com$$Traditional and social media monitoring, insights, analytics and intelligence all in one place. Media distribution and tracking as well as social media strategy, consulting and management. Everything a PR or Comms professional needs to track, analyse, manage, report on and plan for with their media
Little Birdhttp://getlittlebird.com$$distribution, social media monitoring, newsroom/ press corner
Meltwaterhttp://www.meltwater.com/$$Media monitoring provider – tracks mentions
Mynewsdeskwww.mynewsdesk.com$$Brand newsroom and multimedia comms workflow platform. Publish and distribute content, gain visibility across search/social, connect with key influencers.
Precise Forward Planninghttp://www.precise.co.uk/pr-communications/forward-planning.aspx$$Engage with the media at the right time to secure coverage. Access the same news and events calendar that our media clients use to plan their content and activity.
Precise MP+ Socialwww.precise.co.uk/pr-communications/mpplus$$Mainstream news and social coverage in a single, integrated timeline. Analysis. Media contacts database & media release distribution.
Pressathttp://www.pressat.co.uk$$Cost effective press release distribution and newsrooms
PressFriendlyhttp://www.pressfriendly.com$$Craft your story using our pitch builder. Get a custom press list based on your pitch. Talk with a PressFriendly PR Pro. Send and track your pitch with our CRM. Get press opportunities sent to you.
Releasdhttp://releasd.com$$Death to the PDF – Rather than spending hours compiling PDF, Word or Excel docs that don’t get read – spend minutes creating content-rich Releasd Pages that do. Garner support for the work you do
ResponseSource Journalist Enquiry Servicehttp://www.responsesource.com/pr/journalistenquiry/$$ResponseSource delivers media coverage leads on a wide range of subjects to PRs on a daily basis.
Samplifyhttp://samplify.it/$$Instant, pre-screened targeted sample for marketing research projects. In just a few clicks, users can easily access a comprehensive sample pool of responsive, reliable and representative respondents, obtain both feasibility and pricing, test project links, and conveniently launch and manage surveys with complete control of their own tailored research sample. Gain 24-hour access to reporting on project activity, as well as real-time access to project status indicators and basic project management actions. The intuitive drag and drop interface brings powerful sampling controls into a user friendly environment.
Sentiment Metricshttp://www.sentimentmetrics.com/$$Product updates, advice and insight into social customer service.
Smart.prhttp://www.smart.pr$$Smart.pr is super simple software for PR professionals that helps save time on routine tasks, such as managing media contacts, create, edit and personalize press releases, as well as measuring the effect of them. Our customers include some 250 companies such as Philips, KLM, Samsung and Red Bull​ who all confirm they save time, improve the effectiveness and understanding of their efforts and, above all, build better relationships with relevant journalists/media contacts.
​A short demo can be found here: ​https://vimeo.com/110297992
Social360http://www.social360monitoring.com$$Built by communications professionals for communications professionals, Social 360 combines our proprietary search algorythm with experienced communications people to provide monitoring of the social web in every language. We cut through the spam and irrelevance to deliver exceptional results daily. No programming required; we’ll manage that and work with you to adjust the search as necessary. Think of us as members of your team.
Sprout Socialhttp://sproutsocial.com/$$Mid price social media management and analysis tool
Stacklahttp://stackla.com/$$Social media aggregator/curation platform
StashMetricshttp://www.stashmetrics.com$$Helps target campaigns using social data to understand how best to reach your target communities – Focusses on getting owned, earned and paid to work together
$$A suite of products for measurement, monitoring and engagement. A cheaper alternative to radian 6. Fairly decent on language coverage compared to competitiors. Two products – Heartbeat for real-time monitoring and engagement. Map – 2 years conversations for identifying influencers, sentiment analysis and metrics.
Inkybeehttp://www.inkybee.com/$$-$$$Inkybee is a suite of simple web-based tools to help you manage the entire digital outreach process from finding influencers through to measuring outreach campaigns.
Spredfasthttp://www.spredfast.com$$-$$$Full suite enterprise social management, monitoring, curation, planning, digital re-display, analysis, and reporting for brands and their agency partners.
Wiserhttp://getwiser.com/$$-$$$Wiser offers a suite of features to keep every person in your firm in the know. At its core, Wiser is a tailored news experience – a single online hub and daily email to find all the latest news about your sector, market, role and projects. Wiser can also be used to rapidly build a carefully curated email news digest in minutes to share with your colleagues or clients.
Agility PR Solutionshttps://www.agilitypr.com$$/$$$Monitor, target and distribute content to journalists and influencers. Measure and report on impact.
JamiQhttp://jamiq.com/$$/$$$Social media monitoring and results presentation tool. Based in Singapore boasting a global reach
AirPR Analysthttps://www.airpr.com/$$/$$$ (unlimited users)AirPR Analyst humanizes data to increase PR performance.The solution tracks media activity and provides top-level, actionable insights into your PR efforts to tell you what is driving engagement and moving the needle in terms of traffic, conversion, organic search, and even revenue. For CMOs and communications professionals, understanding which PR efforts are driving the most effective outcomes is imperative to making better decisions around both budget allocation and content development for future campaigns.
DataSifthttp://datasift.com/$$/$$$(?)Reseller of Twitter and now Facebook ‘firehose’ of data mainly for use by other monitoring/analysis tools
Adaptlyhttp://www.adaptly.com/$$$Social media amplification platform for planning and buying promoted content in social networks
Adobe Socialhttp://www.adobe.com/uk/solutions/social-marketing.html$$$A tool for managing social content and social campaigns; a comprehensive solution for building stronger connections through data-driven content.
bloggabasehttp://www.bloggabase.com/$$$Connects bloggers with PR, SEO and other marketing individuals and companies with products, services, events and experiences they wish to promote.
BuddyMedia (ExactTarget)http://www.exacttarget.com/uk/products/social-media-marketing/buddy-media$$$Social media publishing application, allowing you to target and publish polls, offers and other content to drive brand engagement, measure conversions and manage social presences at scale.
Crimsonhttp://www.crimsonhexagon.com/$$$Crimson Hexagon delivers social media intelligence, monitoring, analysis and analytics through patent-pending technology invented at Harvard University.
Dynamic Signalhttp://dynamicsignal.com/$$$A content and advocate management tool; absolutely brilliant for internal comms or large-scale influencer programmes (superfans in particular)
Gorkanahttp://gorkana.com/$$$UK journalist database, monitoring, analysis and measurement.
MediaVantagehttp://www.mediavantage.com/$$$The powerful MediaVantage search engine pulls traditional media coverage and social media mentions relevant to your work into a single database, so you can extract valuable information about your coverage with speed and ease.
Percolatehttp://percolate.com/$$$Social media publishing, distribution and monitoring tool
PRIME Researchhttp://www.prime-research.com$$$Global traditional & digital communications measurement & insights consultancy
Pulsar Platformhttp://pulsarplatform.com$$$Social listening has evolved. Pulsar is an audience intelligence platform providing insights from social and web data. Identified as one of the most innovative platforms in the industry, Pulsar leads the evolution in audience intelligence by creating strategic partnerships and integrations with other industry leaders.
Radian 6 (ExactTarget)http://www.exacttarget.com/uk/products/social-media-marketing/radian6$$$Real-time social media listening functionality helps you decrease response times and strengthen brand perception in a public medium that shows others your ability to quickly address and resolve issues.
Simply Measuredhttp://www.simplymeasured.com$$$Comprehensive social media analytics provider. Benchmark performance against your competitors/industry and analyse your own performance in the Top 5 SNs plus Tumblr, Vine, Instagram etc.
Social Bakershttp:///www.socialbakers.com$$$Comprehensive social media measurement analysis provider. Benchmark performance against your competitors/industry and analyse your own performance.
Social Simulatorhttp://www.socialsimulator.com$$$The Social Simulator is a hands-on, private environment to practice the language, tools and norms of the social web for social media PR, customer service and crisis response. It simulates social media debate via private replicas of a number of commonly used social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, blogs, video and online media sources. This is backed up by role-players from your agency or our team who simulate the citizen, media and community reactions in a realistic, real time scenario – from scurrilous hashtag rumours to nasty phone calls. The Simulator works with groups from 2-50, and can take place on-site or remotely across multiple locations.
TV Eyeshttp://www.tveyes.com/$$$TVEyes, Inc., a media monitoring company, provides online search and indexing for television (TV) and radio broadcasts, and audio and video search infrastructure for search engines and content aggregators. Its products include end-user media monitoring suite, which is a real-time, Web-based service that tracks, transcribes, and alerts users to subject-matter and keyword-relevant TV and radio broadcasts; and data feeds that support various applications, including media monitoring, archiving, search engines, and more to be integrated into other products and services. The company monitors various TV and radio stations internationally and provides coverage through its Internet delivered service.
Wiztopichttps://www.wiztopic.com/$$$To offer technologies that support communication teams in their digital and mobile transformation,
boost their productivity and the ROI of their campaigns
and free them up from their frequent job chores
pinboard.inhttp://pinboard.in$11 one off payment / $25 a year for webpage archivingSocial bookmarking application with clever networking intelligence. If you pay more for archiving, it also copies whole web pages at the point of bookmarking (handy when coverage disappears or moves). Also very useful for research when cross-referencing shared tags, tools or collaborators.
PressFriendlyhttp://www.pressfriendly.com$149/$999PressFriendly teaches companies how to manage outbound PR and works as a virtual PR agency. We take the institutional knowledge of a PR practitioner and turn it into a dead-simple software service that just works.
Survicatehttp://survicate.com$49+Targeted insights surveys with visitors profiling and calls to action.
Startuplisterstartuplister.com/49 one-time-feeGet your startup promoted on 40+ review sites, blogs, and directories
Distillryhttp://distillry.netbetaFilter your Twitter stream for the good stuff and spot tweets and retweets from VIPs.
AdHipsterhttps://adhipster.com/FreeFree social media cross-promotion: people share your ad for free, you share theirs in return
Adwords Keyword Plannerhttps://adwords.google.com/KeywordPlannerFreeGives you glimpse into the bowels of Google’s keyword searches. ID the most popular and longer tail search terms and keywords and utilise in copy, PPC etc.
AnswerThePublichttp://answerthepublic.comFreeA free consumer insight tool that pulls in all of the ways in which people are searching and asking questions around a topic. Great for content ideas.
Behancehttps://www.behance.netFreeThe leading online platform to showcase & discover creative work. The creative world updates their work in one place to broadcast it widely and efficiently. Companies explore the work and access talent on a global scale. Powers the creative networks for top schools and organisations.
Bitlyhttp://bit.lyFreeURL shorterner that provides analytics on click rates and opens. Can be white labelled for branded solutions.
Boardreaderhttp://boardreader.comFreeA search and discovery engine for community forums and boards.
Canvahttps://www.canva.comFreeCanva enables anyone to be a designer. Create designs for web or print: blog graphics, presentations, posters etc.
Clozehttp://www.cloze.comFreeCloze replaces the popular Xobni and is a pre-release mobile Beta app for early adopters. It is a prioritized smart inbox and contact manager for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Gmail and Email. Cloze is the first app to organize your social feeds and mail by who matters to you – not by who talked last.
Datawrapperhttps://datawrapper.de/FreeEasy to use embeddable interactive chart making tool
Emotional Value Analyserhttp://www.aminstitute.com/headline/Free
Facebookwww.facebook.comFreeThe largest international social network with 1.2 billion users
Gephihttp://gephi.github.ioFreeData visualisation – you need to plug the data from your social analytics tool, such as Sysomos
Google Alertshttps://www.google.co.uk/alertsFreeEmail alerts that you customise with the word or phrase you want to monitor
Google Analyticshttp://www.google.com/analytics/FreeWeb site analytics that enables you to track the customer journey and conversions for your properties
Google Consumer Barometerhttps://www.consumerbarometer.com/en/FreeA tool to help you understand how people use the Internet across the world.
Google Docshttps://docs.google.com/FreeA suite of online document tools for creating and sharing work online.
Google Rich Snippets Toolhttps://developers.google.com/structured-data/testing-tool/FreeA tool to check HTML code for structured data (Schema.org). Very useful to insure your pages, posts, etc. are set-up for programmatic discovery. Helpful for SEO.
Google Search Trendshttp://www.google.com/trends/FreeSearch on any topic either nationally or worldwide based on google’s search volume data. Also allows you compare two or more keywords.
Google Webmaster Toolshttps://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/homeFreeAllows site owners to monitor their site and see what keywords Google has discovered, look for crawl errors, and other health of the site options. Requires validation of ownership.
Google+http://www.google.com/+/learnmore/FreeGoogle backed social network, pitched as a direct competitor to Facebook.
Hey Presshttp://hey.pressFreeFree searchable journalist database. Find the most relevant journalists.
HyperLapsehttp://blog.instagram.com/post/95829278497/hyperlapse-from-instagramfreeInstagram owned, simple timelapse video creation tool.
Instagramhttp://instagram.comFreeShare photos and videos with friends, family or public, or upload to social networks.
Latergram (Instagram)http://www.latergram.me/FreeSchedule Instagram posts, download the app and you will get a push notification when to post the pre-loaded photo and text. FREE
LinkedInhttps://www.linkedin.comFreeThe world’s largest professional network on the Internet. Has more than 330 million members in over 200 countries and territories.
Mashfeedhttp://www.mashfeed.comFreeGoogle Reader for Social Media. Discover & create collections of popular feeds & hastags from the top social media networks (Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook). Create collections for all the social media you want to track, from hashtag campaigns to competitor feeds.
NetVibeshttp://www.netvibes.comFreeRSS consolidation: great for identifying your own coverage and also topics being discussed in your selected fields
Newslehttps://newsle.com/FreeLinks to your LinkedIn or Facebook accounts and sends email updates informing you when your contacts have featured in news media. Now owned by LinkedIn
Notey http://www.notey.comFreeA tool to discover the best blogs on over 500,000 topics
Nouncyhttp://nouncy.comfreeCrowd-sourcing social media support. Amplify your message by letting others tweet and Facebook post about you. Like Kickstarter with social reach instead of money.
Pexelshttp://pexels.com/freeFind free stock photos you can use everywhere.
PixKingshttp://www.pixkings.comFreeInstagram photos for today’s popular brands and celebrities.
Quiphttp://quip.comFreeQuip is a mobile productivity suite (documents, spreadsheets, messaging) that enables you to collaborate on any device. Imports and shares from Evernote.
Quorahttps://www.quora.com/FreeCrowsourced knowledge platform. Not Google.
Rapportivehttps://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/rapportive/hihakjfhbmlmjdnnhegiciffjplmdhin?hl=enfree“This free, social CRM tool plugs right into your Gmail and provides a photo of your contact, an overview of their LinkedIn profile, company, title, location, Twitter, and connections you have in common.” Opinion of K. Tischhauser
Rifflehttp://crowdriff.com/riffle/FreeReal-time snap shop of Twitter engagement, influence and analyics for any account. Occasionally throttled by Twitter 504 error.
Rise Leaderboarderhttps://www.rise.global/gallery/homeFreeEnterprise gamification tool enabling you to create custom leaderboards based on various social sources including influencer measurement tools
Social Crawlyticshttps://socialcrawlytics.com/freeTool for gathering crawling a website & listing all pages on the site, complete with the number of shares across various social networks
Social Mentionhttp://www.socialmention.com/freeSocial media search, offering RSS, CSV downloads of results and an API for queries.
Sprucehttp://www.tryspruce.com/Freefree tool for editing and optimising pictures for use on Twitter
Storifyhttps://storify.com/FreeTurns social mentions into stories.
Swayhttps://sway.com/FreeVisualisation tool from Microsoft to quickly and easily create presentations to share acress any device.
Trellohttps://trello.com/FreeIntuitive, group-based task management tool, great for approval workflows and assignments. Drag and drop tasks into lists, prioritize, assign, add files, manage different “boards”. A real pleasure to use.
Tumblrhttps://www.tumblr.comFreeThird generation blogging platform. Yahoo owned, 16-25 year olds ‘over index’.
TweetStatshttp://www.tweetstats.com/FreeUseful tool for producing insight around activity for any Twitter account (not just your own), including a cloud and follower stats. Can occasionally be a bit flaky,
Twitter Analyticshttp://analytics.twitter.comFreeOnce visited, this begins collecting all data related to a twitter accounts’ use on the web. Any authenticated owner of the account can then view that data in realtime, or in aggregate.
Vinehttps://vine.co/FreeTwitter-owned six second video social network.
Weavehttp://weave.in/FreeTinder style networking app for meeting LinkedIn professionals nearby. Also includes a private mobile option for groups, alumni, associations and events. Check-in whenever, wherever using Weave and have awesome coffee meetings to find your next job or close business deals.
WeFollowhttp://wefollow.com/FreeSocial media directory of influential people.
Wixhttp://www.wix.comFreeCloud-based web development platform that allows users to create HTML5 websites and mobile sites, through use of their online drag and drop tools.
Get from Idea to Execution, Put the Light back in the Lightbulb.
Pinteresthttp://www.pinterest.comFree Visual way to collate content from around the web by ‘pinning’ images to private or secret boards.
Evernotehttp://www.evernote.comFree (although $$ premium option for personal, and $$ business option)Note-taking platform. Great for moving to digital. Easy filing by business area or client. Also a business version for collaboration. Cloud syncing for mobile use.
Anewstiphttp://anewstip.com/free / $Find relevant journalists and media outlets by what they have Tweeted about, powered by real-time and historical tweets since 2006 from more than 1 million media contacts.

Monitor media mentionings on any topic on Twitter, from a database of more than 1 million media contacts, or only the ones in one or several media lists.
FanpageKarmahttp://www.fanpagekarma.comfree / $Social Media analytics for owned media and competitors analysis.
Feedlyhttp://www.feedly.comfree / $Simple RSS reader. Better UI and easier to use that Google Reader (RIP)
Influential Blogshttp://influential-blogs.co.uk/free / $A database of influential UK bloggers, organised by category
Jurnidhttps://www.jurnid.comFree / $Marketplace connecting freelance journalists and content creators with brands and media companies
LiveTweetApphttp://livetweetapp.com/Free / $Search, moderate display tweets on a (big) screen as Twitter Wall. It increases social interactions during your events and conferences.
Locowisehttp://locowise.com/Free / $All your social media analytics and social reporting in one place. Accurately. Quickly. Beautifully.
Mailchimphttp://mailchimp.com/free / $Email marketing platform with plans from 2,000 to 50,000+ subscribers
Manageflitterhttp://www.manageflitter.comfree / $Award winning app that will help you to better manage and clean up your Twitter account.
Mentionhttp://www.mention.netfree / $Google Alerts on steroids. Enables you to monitor for keywords and phrases selectively across different types of platform and in multiple languages.
MozRankhttp://opensiteexplorer.orgfree / $Moz metrics are indicators of how useful a website is to a search engine crawl bot, and usefulness to humans based on human editors linking to a site via editorially-chosen citation links. e.g. TheGuardian.com is DA 99 PA 96. 100 is highest. Important note about MozRank, DA, PA: http://goo.gl/y2h28n Please read
Nod3xhttp://nod3x.comfree / $Data discovery and influencer analysis dashboard
PiktoCharthttp://piktochart.com/Free / $Make your own infographics with little or no design experience. Free or low cost templates to make data visual, engaging and sharable.
Skypehttp://www.skype.com/en/Free / $Free international team video conferencing
Talkwalkerhttp://www.talkwalker.com/Free / $Talkwalker is a social data intelligence platform that monitors and analyzes online conversations on social networks, news websites, blogs, forums and more, in over 187 languages. It was selected to be part of the Twitter Certified Product Program since 2014. Its cutting edge technology enhances the speed and accuracy of decision-making through real-time social media listening and multi-faceted social media analytics.
Tweetbindertweetbinder.comFree / $Basic #tag analysis useful for events – tracks top contributors, influencers etc.
TweetReachhttps://tweetreach.com/Free / $Find out how far hashtags reach
Twitonomyhttp://www.twitonomy.com/Free / $Google analytics for Twitter. Twitonomy provides you with intelligence or insight into anyone on Twitter. When you visit the site, you first need to log in with Twitter and then you can add anybody’s Twitter handle.
OneNotewww.onenote.comFree / $ (extra storage)High-powered multi-platform note taking tool with free collaboration and sharing options for teams. Free version offers more functionality than free version of Evernote.
SocialBrohttp://www.socialbro.com/Free / $ / $$Full-featured, scalable Twitter analysis program, both for your own account and for your competitors’.
Neo4jhttp://neo4j.comFree / $$$Graph Database.
99Quid Socialhttp://www.99quidsocial.co.ukFree / $150 per month99Quid Social is your answer to having a social media team, we post content and grow your social media presence on your behalf. We manage Facebook,Twitter,Google+ and LinkedIn. You can expect increase in followers/fans and higher engagement levels. We connect with key influencers and also help with PR. Currently offering Two Week Free Trial
Frontifyhttps://www.frontify.comfree / $19 / $49 / $99 per monthBuild and share brand style guides & pattern libraries. Beautiful. Maintainable. Fast.
Crowdfirehttp://www.crowdfireapp.com/Free + in-app purchases.Formerly @JustUnfollow! Crowdfire is a Twitter & Instagram follower management app. Grow your network, find unfollowers and more.
Dotmailerhttp://www.dotmailer.comFree 30 day trial/$$Email marketing software and automation
Hemingwayhemingwayapp.comFree online version. OSX and Windows version $6.99Checks copy for readibility and typos in real-time
Publiseekhttp://www.publiseek.comFree to get started. Pay only after your story is published.On-demand PR platform. Tap into a global network of PR professionals and only pay after your story gets published in your target media.
Govdeliveryhttp://www.govdelivery.com/Free to subscribers/$$ to public sector orgsPublic sector opt-in email system that pings you an email when services like school closures or leisure centres update their web pages.
Pindrophttp://pindrop.socialie.comFree trial / $10 monthlyGet SMS alerts for important Twitter mentions of your brand keywords
Mr Social Mr SocialFree trial / $20 pmA software that posts to Twitter/Facebook/Linkedin on behalf of you At A scehdualed time chosen by you.
RiteTaghttps://ritetag.comfree trial/$15 monthly/$$Hashtag grading as you type, images for words/hashtags, influencers from words/hashtags. Ways to get more discovery and interaction on your tweets, facebook updates, Google+ posts, and analytics that lead you to do more of what’s working for you.
Social Searcherhttp://www.social-searcher.com/free with $ optionSocial media search, offering RSS, CSV downloads of results and an API for queries.
Copyscapehttp://www.copyscape.com/Free/$A plagiarism checker that lets you detect duplicate content and check if your articles are original.
Echosechttps://www.echosec.netFree/$Location based social media search and monitoring
Notifyhttp://notify.lyFree/$Get notified on Slack, whenever your startup / business / topic of interest is mentioned online. (50,000 mentions every month, free forever)
Office 365free/$Suite of Microsoft Office tools like PowerPoint and Word that provides cloud and team access to view and collaboratively edit Office documents and files
WordPresshttps://wordpress.com/free/$Free, open source blogging and web CMS platform. Customisable with loads of themes spanning responsive and scrolling design as well as more trad layouts.
App Anniehttp://www.appannie.com/Free/$$From app market data analysis to app store optimisation and everything in between.
Calaishttp://www.opencalais.com/Free/$$Meta tagging engine spotting for text classes, adding semantic functionalityFrom Thomson Reuters
CartoDBhttp://cartodb.com/Free/$$Create dynamic maps, analyze and build location-aware and geospatial applications with your data using the power of PostGIS in the cloud.
Asanahttp://asana.comFreemium/$Task management solution for teams; create projects and assign tasks in an incredibly easy way
Hootsuitehttps://hootsuite.com/Freemium/$Social media management dashboard for managing social media profiles and scheduling content. Paid licenses include support for workflow. Workflow allows anyone on the team can direct other users to a paricular message e.g., to make a response, see a response, etc.
Todoisthttps://todoist.com/Freemium/$Task management for individuals and teams on 15 platforms incl. OS X, Android, iOS, Android Wear.
Buzz Sumohttp://buzzsumo.com/Freemium/$$Analyse which keyword related content performs best through major social media platforms.
Bluenodwww.bluenod.comFreemium/$$$Data visualisation of Twitter conversations. Enables you to pinpoint influencers and view flow of conversation
Bufferhttps://bufferapp.comFreemium/$$$Simple to use social media post management/scheduler with basic analytics.
Gorkana Surveyshttp://www.gorkanasurveys.com/From £1 per respondentReal time research with a survey tool that polls 4.5m potential UK respondents. Cost effective research completed in minutes. An essential research tool for your PR programme.
Mendeleyhttp://mendeley.comFrom £79/month for team of fiveCollaboration, citation, reference manager, storage and workflow. Designed for research teams, but particularly handy for PR materials development
Onalyticahttp://www.onalytica.comGet in touchWe focus on helping brands and agencies engage with the inner circle of influencers so that through their networks they can help you more effectively influence your end target audience.
PerfectFithttp://www.perfectfit.ioLimited trial periodInfluencer contact & client campaign management tool. Pulls in contact traffic, social and Google influence stats daily. Also automates coverage books & dashboard reports
Blendlehttps://www.launch.blendle.com / http://www.blendle.comPay per articleThe Netherlands is the first country in the world where all the articles of all newspapers and magazines are available in one web app. With Blendle, the Dutch can read all quality print journalism in the country, and see instantly what’s popular right now. And the best thing: they only pay for the articles they like. PR wise Blendle is perfect as a monitoring tool for print media. Set up alerts, and Blendle is the first to get you up to date with the latest print news about your interest and clients. Going international soon.
Iris PR Softwarehttp://www.myirispr.com/Starting at $199/month for up to 3 usersIris PR Software is a cloud-based solution that optimizes the operations of PR agencies and corporate PR teams. It does this by organizing relationship management, improving campaign visibility and reporting, and delivering hard data for communicating success back to clients and internal stakeholders.
Coveragebookhttp://www.coveragebook.comTrial / $tool that collates & builds coverage books. Paste in coverage URL & it automates screen-grabs & measurement stats. allows you to share a branded online report or export to PDF
SocialEnginehttps://www.socialengine.comTrial/$SocialEngine is the best way to create your own social website or online community.
No coding or design skills needed. Launch in minutes.
Mozendahttps://www.mozenda.com/Varies / $Data scraper, macro based collection of data from web pages
Cision / Vocushttp://www.cision.com/us/
Iconsquare (Instagram)http://iconosquare.com/Great for seeing Instagram stats and analytics, you can also see influencers from your brand as well
Marketing Graderhttps://marketing.grader.com/
Outbrainhttp://www.outbrain.com/Recommends editorial and sponsored content across the web. Helps brands surfacing/amplify content
Press Feedhttp://www.press-feed.com/
Rankspeedhttp://www.rankspeed.com/Filter Twitter by topics. Monitor your brand.
Taboolahttps://www.taboola.com/Recommends editorial and sponsored content across the web. Helps brands surfacing/amplify content
Tek Grouphttp://www.tekgroup.comOnline newsrooms
Traackrhttp://traackr.comInfluencer marketing platform for the social enterprise. Helps you discover your influencers.
Twitter Countertwittercounter.comVery rudimentary Twitter growth tracking tool largely rendered obsolete by Twitter’s new analytics.
YouGov Profilerhttps://yougov.co.ukAudience segmentation tool allowing users to get insights into consumer behaviour and preferences.
Circloscopehttp://circloscope.com/free/$Circle management tool designed to can help you build an active, engaged following on Google +
Business Wirehttp://www.businesswire.comvaries / $Press release & multimedia distribution, content marketing platforms, online newsrooms, social media monitoring – tools for today’s communications professionals.
PRDESQhttp://www.prdesq.com75The Swiss army knife in PR. With: monitoring, social crm, influencer marketing, presslist management, pr project management (invite users from outside your company), newsroom cms & hosting, MediaRelease engine (import your own html or use our templates) manage unlimited brands/accounts/countries with unlimited users. The most complete PR tool available on the market. We keep innovating based on users feedback. 5 tools for the price of one. Usefulness combined with ease of use.
Plughttp://plug.gg/varies / $Plug is a PR writing robot. Well the front end is but behind the scenes a is an experienced team of writers who will create a press release, blog post, case study. Affordable, transparent and fast.
Narratifwww.narratif.comFreeFantastic Twitter tool that categories tweets into conversation “buckets”. Only scans a week worth of tweets so good for measuring key message cut through in campaigns
Mustrhttp://getmustr.com49 euro / monthMustr helps you and your team organise your network of journalists and bloggers.
Bolohttp://www.BoloHQ.comFree Trial then $19/mo/seatCombines Search, Alerts, Contact Database and Workflow
JournoRequests.comhttps://www.journorequests.comFree/$A curated list of PR opportunities from Twitter to your inbox every day.
Sidekickhttp://www.getsidekick.com/Free/$See an email contact’s professional history, where they live, mutual contacts, email history. Get a ‘read’ notification when someone opens or clicks on one of your emails. Know when, how many times, where, and from what device they opened your email. Schedule email delivery.
FollowUpThenhttps://www.followupthen.com/Free / $FollowUpThen is a simple, flexible email address that can be with any email system on any device. Explore below how this simple email address can boost your productivity. Experiment above as you go! Use it to “snooze” emails in your inbox or remind yourself to follow up on sent messages.
SmartPublicityhttp://www.smartpublicity.comAdjusts to budgetPress release distribution in real time without intermediaries. Helps PR professionals and brands generate online publicity as native content on premium publishers.
PRmaxhttp://www.prmax.co.uk$UK, European and Global PR and Media relations software and services. A comprehensive Media Database, Email and SEO Press Release Distribution, Print and Online Monitoring Services and Media Coveraage Evaluation.
Red Robothttp://redrobot.orgvaries/$Global video content distribution, includes tracking and monitoring of actual broadcast usage
Hashtag PRhttp://hashtag.prFreeA community on Slack to help PR and communication professionals give and get help from each other.
Startup PR Academyhttp://spra.co$Online platform with everything an entrepreneur needs to gain visibility + credibility for their business through PR.
InCrowdhttps://www.incrowdsocial.comFreeInfluencer search tool allowing brands and agencies to search, filter, collect and directly connect with influencers large and small.
Open Live Writerhttp://openlivewriter.org/FreeLike Word for your blog. The most powerful offline blog editor to write blog posts, add photos and videos to your website. Works with most blog platforms including WordPress, Blogger, Movable Type and Typepad. Originally developed by Microsoft, but now open source and being improved by its community.
Signal Mediahttp://www.signalmedia.coVaries / $$Real-time breaking news alerts, global media analytics and market insights & intelligence. Powered by machine learning technology to ensure greater search relevance & monitoring accuracy. Flat fee pricing model.
ZoomSpherehttp://www.zoomsphere.com$$All in one Dashboard with 7 modules to manage all Social Media Activies!
Watson News Explorerhttp://news-explorer.mybluemix.net/FreeWatson News Explorer automatically constructs a news information network, providing new ways of visualizing and understanding news as it occurs.
Faselishttp://faselis.com/en#/home/monthly, brand based for agencies, Media and Client Relations Management Tool for PR agencies and PR professionals focused on Media database and press release distribution. Gives service on the Netherland, South Africa and Turkey.
SourceBottlehttp://www.sourcebottle.com/Freemium/$Connects journalists and bloggers with sources.
Vueliohttp://www.vuelio.com/$$Access the world’s largest media database, distribute press releases, manage influencer outreach,
measure social media activities and analyse the effectiveness of campaigns. Vuelio’s integrated PR software
contains all the tools you need to tell your story
Mediatoolkitwww.mediatoolkit.comFreemium / $ A media monitoring and social listening tool that will take your reporting to the next level. Track mentions on more than 100 million websites and social media accounts. Follow Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, websites and forums to stay notified and get rich analytics about the reach, virality, and sentiment of each mention.
Flaunterhttps://www.flaunter.com/Free trial / Monthly subscription starting at $99Flaunter is a digital platform for fashion, beauty and interiors brands (both large and small) to share their content, samples and stories with content publishers such as journalists, bloggers, retailers and stylists. Flaunter simplifies tasks such as on-demand media access, reporting and asset management so that all users can save time, reach new audiences and grow.
Early Morning Mediawww.earlymorningmedia.co.ukVariesEstablished in 2011, Early Morning Media provides targeted business news and information by industry and subject via fluent, dynamic, expertly written summaries. We serve over 500,000 industry and business leaders and professionals by providing editorial expertise and business intelligence across the most relevant industry news – curated daily from thousands of sources – in partnership with leading associations, professional societies, non-profit organisations and corporations. We pride ourselves on making sense of abundance.
ClipCoveragehttps://clipcoverage.com/free / $ClipCoverage helps PR Pros & in-house PR departments save tremendous amount of time by automating media coverage reports (press clippings) creation. You just need to paste in all the coverage URLs into it, and it then grabs all the screenshots and PR metrics to create a beautiful coverage reports ready to be shared with your clients or managers.