Staten Island SEO

While ordering takeout for dinner the other night – I noticed the website for one of my favorite restaurants was not working properly. In a smaller metropolitan market like Staten Island, a businesses website, might not make or break its financial viability. However, due to Covid-19, all businesses on Staten Island are forced to cater to online ordering, becoming mobile friendly and making sure they… Read More »Staten Island SEO

free pr tools

The No Money PR Stack

Working within the PR industry since 2014, my team has spent over one million dollars on PR tools. The cost for these sometimes necessary tools goes up every few years – and so does the average cost for a PR firm. Many small businesses are unable to find budget for PR work The majority of the tools I use for PR outreach, campaign management, analytics… Read More »The No Money PR Stack

onboarding seo questions

SEO Onboarding Questionnaire

Here’s twenty simple questions to ask a new SEO client you are onboarding: What do you hope to achieve with SEO? What are your main goals and KPIs? Who is your target audience? (Age, gender, education level, etc.) Which countries/region/etc. are you targeting? Do you have any other offices, branches or storefronts? Who was your previous SEO agency/consultant? Do you have any reports or documents… Read More »SEO Onboarding Questionnaire